Maths Extra Questions Class 8

Practicing questions on a regular basis is the key to understanding math concepts and the maths extra questions class 8 is given here in order to serve the purpose. These questions come from all the important topics of class 8 maths curriculum and it is advisable to be solved on a regular basis.

Importance Of Extra Questions in Class 8 Maths

  • These extra questions are given in a precise manner and will be of use to students practicing the maths chapters.
  • Students are recommended to solve these questions after reading all the chapter in order to avail extreme benefits
  • Extra questions consist of questions which can be expected in the next exam cycle.
  • These questions adhere to the latest syllabus
  • It is also advisable to teachers to assist students in order to solve the given questions here

Students can view the given CBSE Class 8 Maths extra questions below:

  1. If 9 is the divisor of 21y5, find y?
  2. Plot a point (5,4) on a graph and find out is it similar to (4,5)?
  3. Divide the polynomial \((6x^{2}-5x)\div 2x\) with the monomial 2x
  4. If a wall is getting built in 48 hours by 14 workers, how many workers will finish the wall by 30 hours?
  5. Find the value of p for which \(6^{p}\div 6^{-2}=6^{6}\)
  6. Find the total cost of polishing the floor, if the cost per square meter is 5/- if the floor of a building consists of 4000 tiles which are rhombus shaped and each of its diagonals are 35 cm and 20 cm in length.
  7. Explain with graphical representation if needed that can a polyhedron exist of 10 faces, 15 vertices and 20 edges?
  8. Find the area and perimeter of triangles with the dimensions given in the ratio of monomials as (p,q);(10m,5n);(\(20x^{2},5y^{2}\));(4x,\(3x^{2}\));(3mn,4np)
  9. Liverpool won 20 matches out of total in the English Premier League. If their winning % was 40, then find the total number of matches played by Liverpool?
  10. In a bag containing 5 red balls and 6 blue balls, find out the probability of getting a blue ball while drawing?
  11. Draw a Square READ with Diagonal DE= 5 cm
  12. Explain the reason behind rectangle being a convex quadrilateral
  13. The denominator of a rational number is 8 value greater than its numerator and if increased by 17 and the denominator is decreased by 2, the number obtained after this is 3/2. Find the rational number?

It will be helpful to solve these given questions every day.

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