Class 2- All That You Need To Know About It

Class 2 is a very crucial stage for kids. Standard 2 is their second year in full-fledged studies. Kids undergo a tremendous transition from playful kindergarten to the world of extensive learning.

What are the subjects in the 2nd Grade Syllabus?

In the 2nd grade syllabus, kids study subjects like English, Maths, GK, EVS, Poems and Essays. Given below are the links to our best-in-class resources for the mentioned subjects.

  1. Essay for Class 2
  2. GK for Class 2
  3. Class 2 English
  4. Class 2 Maths
  5. EVS for Class 2
  6. Poem for Class 2

Let us talk about each of these subjects in a little more detail.

In Class 2 English, kids get to expand their vocabulary as they go through so many new words daily. They get a little better in framing sentences. Kids improve reading and speaking skills as well. We offer English Worksheet for Class 2 which has crosswords, word-scrambles, fill-ups, matching exercises, etc. Solving these worksheets will enhance kids’ understanding and grasp of the English language.

As per the CBSE syllabus for Class 2, kids also need to read poems in English. Under Poem for Class 2, we have various genres- animal poems, bird poems, poems on nature, etc. Also, kids are propelled to refine their writing skills by composing Essays on different topics. In Essay for Class 2, the most prominent topics to practise are my family, my school, my best friend, etc.

Class 2 Maths has more intricate problems on various arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We provide Maths Worksheet for class 2 which helps kids in learning numbers thoroughly. These worksheets have puzzles and questions on concepts like multiplication tables, counting numbers, identifying odd and even numbers, comparing numbers using signs like greater than, less than, equal to, and such other exciting concepts.

GK for class 2 is a very important subject. Although GK might not directly impact the academic scores of kids substantially, it plays a crucial role in their overall development.

In Environmental Science i.e. EVS Class 2, kids get to study about themselves as well as their environment. They learn about various natural processes, animals, plants, water, air, soil, etc. We provide EVS for class 2 worksheets which have proven to be very helpful for young minds to retain what they learn in their schools.

To explore more about class 2 syllabus and to get a plethora of worksheet for class 2, you can download our kids learning app – Disney BYJU’S Early Learn for your kids and let them enter a world where learning is FUN!

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