UPSC Answer Key 2019 - IAS Prelims GS 1 And CSAT

Candidates can check/download the UPSC Answer Key 2019 for IAS Prelims in this article. The UPSC Prelims 2019 was conducted on Sunday, June 2, 2019.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Examination every year in three stages. The first stage of the Civil Services Exam is the IAS Prelims. The UPSC Prelims is an objective type exam which comprises two papers, namely, General Studies I and General Studies II (CSAT).

While UPSC also releases the official answer keys, candidates have to wait for them till the entire exam process for the year is over.

Hence, BYJU’S experts provide answer keys to the aspirants immediately after the Prelims exam is conducted. The UPSC Answer Key 2019 provided here can help the candidates assess their performance in the highly competitive IAS Prelims Exam.


UPSC Answer Key 2019 given below.

Answer Key
Q No Series A Series B Series C Series D
1. a d b a
2. b d b d
3. c b a a
4. a b c b
5. c b d d
6. d c a c
7. c a b a
8. a a b c
9. d a a c
10. a b b d
11. d d d b
12. a d a a
13. d c a d
14. b d d b
15. d d b c
16. a b d c
17. c b a d
18. d a c a
19. c a b a
20. a c b b
21. a a a d
22. a b d a
23. a c a a
24. b a b d
25. d c d b
26. d d c d
27. a c a a
28. d a c c
29. c d c b
30. a a d b
31. d d b c
32. d a a b
33. c d d c
34. d b b c
35. d d c b
36. b a c b
37. b c d c
38. a d a b
39. a c a d
40. c a b c
41. d a c b
42. d a b b
43. b a c a
44. b b c c
45. b d b d
46. c d b a
47. a a c b
48. a d b b
49. a c d a
50. b a c b
51. c b d a
52. b b d b
53. c a b c
54. c c b a
55. b d b c
56. b a c d
57. c b a c
58. b b a a
59. d a a d
60. c b b a
61. b d d a
62. a a d a
63. d a c a
64. b d d b
65. c b d d
66. c d b d
67. d a b a
68. a c a d
69. a b a c
70. b b c a
71. a b a d
72. d a a a
73. a d a d
74. b b b b
75. d c d d
76. c c d a
77. a d a c
78. c a d d
79. c a c c
80. d b a a
81. d c d d
82. a b a d
83. a c d b
84. d c b b
85. b b d b
86. d b a c
87. a c c a
88. c b d a
89. b d c a
90. b c a b
91. b a a d
92. b d b d
93. a a c c
94. c b a d
95. d d c d
96. a c d b
97. b a c b
98. b c a a
99. a c d a
100. b d a c


CSAT Paper 2(Series A): Answer Key
1. c 2. d 3. c 4. b 5. d 6. d 7. d 8. c 9. c 10. d
11. d 12. b 13. c 14. a 15. b 16. b 17. a 18. b 19. b 20. a
21. d 22. c 23. d 24. a 25. c 26. d 27. a 28. d 29. b 30. d
31. a 32. a 33. b 34. c 35. d 36. c 37. c 38. b 39. c 40. b
41. a 42. a 43. a 44. c 45. d 46. b 47. b 48. c 49. a 50. b
51. b 52. b 53. c 54. b 55. d 56. c 57. b 58. c 59. c 60. d
61. c 62. a 63. c 64. c 65. d 66. b 67. a 68. d 69. d 70. a
71. d 72. b 73. d 74. d 75. b 76. c 77. d 78. b 79. d 80. b

Aspirants can check the official UPSC Answer Keys at the official website and also at the linked article. In the linked article, candidates can find IAS Answer Keys for UPSC 2018, 2017, and 2016.

Calculating score with the help of UPSC Answer Key

Candidates can calculate their UPSC Prelims score with the help of these answer keys. In both GS 1 and CSAT, there is negative marking. For every incorrect answer, 1/3rd of the total marks allotted for that question will be deducted.

  1. For General Studies I, every incorrect answer incurs a penalty of 0.66 marks
  2. For General Studies II (CSAT), every incorrect answer incurs a penalty of 0.83 marks.
  3. The difference is there because, in GS paper 1, there are 100 questions of 2 marks each while in CSAT there are 80 questions of 2.5 marks each.
  4. In the case of GS 1, the candidates need to score above the UPSC Cut Off for that particular year to qualify for the Mains stage of the Civil Service Examination. Candidates can check the expected UPSC Cut Off 2019 at the linked article.
  5. Also, the UPSC Cut Off varies depending on the category of the candidates as well.
  6. The GS 2 or CSAT is a qualifying paper in UPSC Prelims and candidates have to score 33% or above to advance to the Mains stage.
  7. Candidates should calculate their expected marks based on the UPSC Answer Key given above, and if their marks are close to the average cut off from previous years, then they should start with the Mains preparation.

For more details on calculating their UPSC Prelims 2019 score, candidates can check here.

The purpose of providing these UPSC Answer Keys is to help the candidates and not discourage them. If you think you are scoring below the expected cut-off, do not be disheartened and check the links below to prepare for UPSC 2020 with the best possible study material and preparation strategies.

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