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With the advent of high-end competition in today’s world, students need to work harder and be at the top of the game to score well in their exams. The amount of time that a student devotes in school is not adequate to gain an in-depth and practical understanding of a wide range of subjects. For this reason, home tuition is rapidly gaining momentum and taking private classes have a positive impact on a student’s academic grades.

At BYJU’S, we try to lessen the burden of the students by providing home tuition classes conducted by highly qualified teachers in both online and offline modes. These classes can be attended by the students from the comfort of their respective homes, as per their convenience. Our classes are conducted by experienced teachers who impart knowledge of different modules to the students in the most simple and easy-to-understand manner.

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Top 5 Benefits of Home Tuition

Home tuitions play a vital role in quality education. In today’s competitive world, many parents are already hiring the best tutor for their children who can assist them in structuring their study schedules. Here we bring you the top 5 benefits of getting home tuition for your child:

1. Face-to-face Discussion and Interaction:

Home tuition is an effective medium of communication between a student and a tutor. The student gets ample amount of time to interact and discuss with his/her teacher. As private tuition is a one-to-one process, a tutor can offer his/her full attention to a student. This is of an enormous advantage to students compared to the traditional classroom sessions at school wherein there are 20-30 pupils studying together.

When a student directly interacts with his/her tutor, chances are that he/she is likely to grasp the conceptual knowledge more effectively. He/she can clarify doubts instantly by discussing it with the respective tutor.

2. Personalised Classes:

One of the best things about home tuition is that lessons can easily be custom-made to match the student’s requirements. This is however, not possible in school since a student needs to adhere to the pace along with the rest of the class. Customised home tuitions help students to devote more attention to detail on a specific aspect of a subject. Learners can benefit tremendously from the fact that a tutor can adjust the progress, intensity and goals of a lesson, depending on the grasping power of the student until the learning efficiency is maximised.

Customised classes are an ideal option for students who have learning disorders such as dyslexia. A good tutor for home tuition will be able to capture a student’s weaknesses and help him/her to work on those areas, which need special attention.

3. Enhanced Performance:

A student who is particularly weak in any particular subject or topic can benefit from home tuitions. A tutor for home tuition can encourage a weak student to devote additional time and concentrate more on that particular topic.

Additionally, a home tutor can help in boosting the child’s absorption skills and improve his/her overall academic performance. One-to-one home tutoring can greatly help a student to analyze areas which need extra effort and improves his/her learning capacity and brings him/her up to speed.

4. Helps in Better Assessment:

One-to-one interaction with the student can help the tutor to assess the child’s learning ability, growth and performance. A tutor is in a better position to capture the weak areas of the student where he/she is lagging behind and provide regular feedback about his/her performance.

The assessment will also encourage the student to develop his/her learning skills and strengthen his/her capacity to complete the assigned task within a predefined time frame.

5. Improved Exam Scores and Grades:

Home tuitions are a highly effective means to provide the required support and attention to the student while he/she is preparing for the school tests and exams. A home tutor teaches useful tips and tricks on how to solve a problem and enable him/her to work smarter and achieve good grades in the exams.

With a private home tutor, a student is able to focus more on the problem areas and work harder to improve them by asking relevant questions without feeling perturbed.

A home tutor closely examines a student’s capabilities and helps him/her to work through previous years exam papers and provide beneficial tips to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

Why choose BYJU’S for Home Tuition?

Our home tuition model is designed in a simple manner to provide a gratifying experience to all CBSE and ICSE students. Our teachers are highly qualified with extensive experience and have full knowledge to cater to the needs and requirements of the learners. We provide our students with useful notes, which are specially designed for different subjects by our subject-matter experts.

One of the biggest advantages why you should select BYJU’S Home Tutoring is that your child gets individual attention from the private tutor and access to a customised learning program, which helps in improving his/her overall academic performance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Home Tuition

What is private tuition?

Private tuition is one of the most effective ways in which a tutor provides academic guidance to a student, so as to develop and improve his/her study skills and help in scoring good grades through adequate practice and preparation.

Why is home tuition important?

Private tuitions help students in enhancing their knowledge intake capacity and concepts retention for a longer time period, which in turn, help in performing well during the exams. The student-teacher dynamics tend to improve with two-way communication and boosts the potential of students to perform well.

Are home tuitions beneficial?

Yes, home tutions provide undivided attention from the tutor to the respective student and infuses confidence in him/her to perform better. The tutor adjusts his/her speed as per the learning capacity of the student and inculcates renewed enthusiasm to learn important concepts with full vigour and intensity.

Do home tuitions guarantee long-term success to students?

With the right kind of home tuition and motivation to learn from the tutor, there is no solid reason why private tuition should not be considered as a long-term solution for students. Home tuitions ensure long-term success to students while identifying their hidden potential and help the tutor to adapt his teaching style to students’ capabilities.

What is included in home tuition?

In home tuition, a student is directly able to clarify his/her doubts and questions with the tutor through one-on-one interaction. Besides, the student has better clarity of the complex concepts and it becomes easier for him/her to understand them when the same lessons are taught in school.

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