ISC Class 12

The ICSE Class 12 students aiming for the medical and engineering careers ought to be very well versed with the subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology as they form the grounds for the careers mentioned above. The students should start to strengthen the basics of these subjects right from the beginning as it is equally essential to score high in the board marks. Students who desire to pursue Engineering or Medical will have to write exams like JEE & NEET respectively.

How to Prepare for ICSE Class 12 board exam?

  1. Plan a timetable which you can follow.
  2. Distribute your working hours in such a way that you should be able to relax once you finish a particular topic or chapter.
  3. Solve previous years question papers and sample papers while studying. This will act as a mock test.
  4. Stay away from all the unnecessary phone calls and social networking sites while studying.
  5. Skip out on any measures of cheating in exams.

ISC Class 12 Table of content

Subjects in ISC class 12





Mathematics Syllabus

Physics Syllabus

Chemistry Syllabus

Biology Syllabus

Mathematics Previous Year Papers

Physics Previous Year Papers

Chemistry Previous Year Papers

Biology Previous Year Papers

Mathematics Sample Papers

Physics Sample Papers

Chemistry Sample Papers

Biology Sample Papers

Mathematics important Questions

Physics important Questions

Chemistry important Questions

Biology important Questions


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