JEE Main Sample Papers 2020

JEE Main sample papers for the year 2020 have been officially released by National Testing Agency (NTA)ย  on its official website. The sample question papers contain mostly numerical value type questions for physics, chemistry, and planning. Follow the links tabulated below to download these sample papers in PDF format.

A collection of JEE Main sample papers along with its pattern is also provided on this page. Candidates can utilize these free resources to acquaint themselves with the types of questions that will be presented in the JEE Main 2020 examination.

JEE Main 2020 Sample Papers

Students can download the pdf of JEE Main 2020 sample papers along with their answer keys and solutions from the links provided below.

How To Download the JEE Main Sample Papers?

Students can easily download the sample paper by following these simple steps:

  • Click on any of the question paper links.
  • Students will be redirected to a page where they have to enter their mobile number.
  • Once that is done, enter the OTP and the download will take place automatically.
  • Students can then view the PDF and use it for studying.

JEE Main Sample Papers with Solutions

JEE Main Sample Papers Answer Keys And Solutions
JEE Main Sample Paper 1 Answer keys and Solutions
JEE Main Sample Paper 2 Answer keys and Solutions
JEE Main Sample Paper 3 Answer keys and Solutions
JEE Main Sample Paper 4 Answer keys and Solutions

Practicing regularly with the JEE Main sample paper will help the students to identify both the important and less important topics for the examination. It will also assist the students in identifying their strengths and weakness and accordingly, they can improve their weaker sections to score well in the main IIT JEE examination. The adequate practice that students gain with the help of sample papers and mock tests will help them gain a better understanding of the overall exam and more.

Candidates will get to know the type of questions, the exam pattern, marking scheme and subsequently, it will enhance their speed and time management skills. Students can download additional JEE Main sample papers given below to study more productively.

JEE Main Sample Paper 1
JEE Main Sample Paper 2
JEE Main Sample Paper 3
JEE Main Sample Paper 4
JEE Main Sample Paper 5

The sample papers for JEE Main are from NTA. Soon after the exam authority releases the notification, the sample papers are made available on the official website. The key highlights of these papers are that they are prepared according to the latest marking scheme for enhancing candidatesโ€™ JEE preparations. Further, these sample papers contain diverse content which will help students to practice different types of problems and be adept at solving questions in the exams. In essence, students will get to know the nature of the question paper in JEE Main.

JEE Main 2020 Physics Analysis

JEE Main 2020 Maths Analysis

JEE Main Questions and Complete Syllabus Sample Papers

Here are some of the important questions of JEE Main.

  1. At radioactive equilibrium, the ratio between the number of the atoms of two radioactive elements (X) and (Y) was found to be 3.2 ร— 109: 1 respectively. If the half-life of the element (X) is 1.6 ร— 1010 years, the half-life of the element (Y) would be
    1. 5 ร— 109 years
    2. 5 years
    3. 3.2 ร— 109 years
    4. 10 years
  1. Which among the given compounds is the poorest reducing agent?
    1. Atomic hydrogen
    2. Di-hydrogen
    3. Nascent hydrogen
    4. They have the same reducing strength.
  1. The quadrilateral formed by the lines y = ax + c, y = ax + d, y= bx + c and y = bx + d has area 18. The quadrilateral formed by the lines y = ax + c, y = ax โ€“ d, y= bx + c and y = bx โ€“ d has area 72. If a, b, c, d are positive integers then the least possible value of the sum a + b + c + d is
    1. 13
    2. 15
    3. 16
    4. 14

In addition to the sample papers, candidates can also download and go through JEE Main syllabusย papers to further gain a better understanding of the important topics in order to be more efficient in solving the paper.

JEE Mains Complete Syllabus Paper
JEE Mains Complete Syllabus Paper 1
JEE Mains Complete Syllabus Paper 2
JEE Mains Complete Syllabus Paper 3

JEE Main Sample Paper Pattern

The exam pattern of JEE Main sample paper is similar to that of the previous year papers. The sample papers comprise of objective type multiple choice questions with a time duration of 3 hours. However, these papers will also enable candidates to get a feel of the real world exam scenario.

Exam Duration 3 Hours
Total Marks 360 Marks
Total Questions 90 Questions
Section 1 โ€“ Physics 30 Questions, 4 marks Each
Section 2 โ€“ Chemistry 30 Questions, 4 marks Each
Section 3 โ€“ Maths 30 Questions, 4 marks Each

JEE Main Sample Paper Marking Scheme

  • +4 Marks for Correct Answer
  • -1 Mark for Incorrect Answer
  • No Negative Marking for unattempted questions

Importance Of Solving JEE Main Sample Paper

  • It helps to analyze your preparation level.
  • It gives you an idea about the topics important for the examination point of view.
  • It helps to understand the Exam pattern and its difficulty level.
  • It boosts your confidence and enhances your exam temperament.
  • Practicing sample papers of JEE Main will give you an idea of the real exam scenario.

JEE Main Question Papers

In addition to the sample papers, we have also provided JEE Main question papers with solutions and answer keys. The students can download and practice these papers from the links given below.

Meanwhile, students can also check JEE Advanced Sample Papers for preparing well for the second phase of IIT JEE exams.

Frequently Asked Questions On JEE Main Sample Papers

What is the benefit of solving JEE Main sample papers?

Candidates who solve JEE Main sample paper will significantly benefit not only in studying productively but they will gain valuable insights into the exam pattern, types of questions, exam duration. They will be able to prepare effectively and be ready to tackle the different questions that may be asked in the exams.

What type of questions are asked in JEE Main?

In JEE Main Paper 1 it will comprise of objective type questions based on Maths, Chemistry, and Physics.

What will the mode of exam for JEE Main?

JEE Main will be conducted via computer-based test and will be conducted via online mode only.

How many questions are asked in JEE Main question paper?

The JEE Main question paper normally consists of 90 questions in total. The maximum marks given are 360 and the paper is divided into three parts โ€“ A, B, and C covering the three main Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects. There are 30 questions in each section of equal weightage.

What will be the medium of the JEE Main paper?

The medium of the question paper for JEE Main will be in English and Hindi.

What is the examination mode of JEE Main?

JEE Main exam is conducted mainly through an online mode where the exam is held as a computer-based test. Paper-1 is entirely held in a computer-based mode whereas Paper-2 including Mathematics and Aptitude Test is computer-based while the Drawing exam is Pen and Paper-based.

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