Kids Learning - A Comprehensive Guide

Learning is not a defined process having a start and an endpoint. In general, it is an understanding that we acquire by experience or being taught. Humans are the smartest species among all others because we have the power to learn. But do we have a specific age to learn things? No. We learn throughout our lives. The journey begins from the very moment we are born. Here, let’s talk about Kids Learning.


Children Learning is a very vast domain. Childhood is said to be the foundation period of one’s life. It is a period when children go through tremendous physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, social and linguistic development. Kids move into more serious studies from kindergarten learning. They get to learn about various elements present in the environment, how these elements interact with each other, what living and non-living things are, etc. While kids acquire so much information during this phase, it is a must that parents pay the required amount of attention towards their Kids Learning.

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Class 1:

In Class 1, a child is able to recognize core words, write and learn the sound correspondence to different alphabets. Kids learn basic mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. Besides, they also get to read and learn about poems and stories in the English subject. In EVS, kids learn about the environment and surroundings around them.

Class 2:

In 2nd grade, kids continue to practice basic arithmetical skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. and eventually learn to solve mental blocks and add some numbers from their memory. They also get to learn new stories and poems, basic uses of tenses in sentences in the English subject. In the EVS subject, kids learn about body parts, animals, plants, clothes, etc.

Class 3:

In Class 3, students learn about the physical world around as they tend to make new observations and experiment with new things. In the Maths subject, they tend to learn about different blocks, tiles and shapes, advanced arithmetical skills, etc. Besides, in English they get to learn about various tenses and its uses, explore more stories and poems. In this grade, students are introduced to Environmental Studies (EVS), wherein they learn about the human body, plants, animals and their surroundings.

Every parent is worried about his/her kids education. Parents are indeed the first teachers of their kids. That being said, teaching kids is not an easy job. Kids Learning programs require meticulous designing. You need to be a little creative and a lot patient while helping your little one in his/her education.

But then, it takes us to the question that how will you actually do it? What resources will you use? How will you decide the question set or the puzzles to make sure that your kid finds it interesting to solve? What will be the order of lessons/topics/sub-topics to be covered? Will your kid remember things about a topic through solving picture-puzzles or through solving word scramble?

Too many questions to think about and lots of answers to find? Don’t worry at all. We are here to provide you with the best online learning resources for your kids. These resources have been built by our experts who understand the world of kids- what engages them the most, how they can learn without feeling burdened or bored, and which questions will enhance their mental and logical ability.

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